Liquid Propellent Rocketry Development (LPRD) is a student organization within the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities made up of students who are passionate about liquid rocket engines and intelligent flight technologies. We work tirelessly to achieve things that few or no other students groups have, and are proud of bringing access to technology that otherwise would not be available to students here, giving each and every one of our members valuable experience and a holistic understanding of our systems. 

We believe that the future of the space and launch industries are intelligent vehicles capable of controlled flights with complex trajectories, and liquid propulsion systems lend themselves very well to gaining experience with such intelligent systems. As such, rather than aiming for altitude records, LPRD is aiming for something we’re a lot more excited about: to make the most well-controlled and intelligent liquid-propelled vehicles of any student group, including advanced control systems, thrust vector control, throttling, and powered descent and landing.

Our team is separated into three sub-teams to divide work and focus on steps to create our rockets!

To learn more, visit our "Teams" page!